Become A Superhero Penguin In This Cooperative Board Game Of Dice Rolling Combat!

Players: 1-4

Time: 45-90 min.

Age: 14+

Will You Protect The Colony From Your Icey Foes?

Master Your Penguin Power!

Choose from one of four unique penguin superheroes! Each penguin comes with their own unique action cards, dice, and abilities. Choose your favorite playstyle, and discover the hidden ways that every Pal can kick some Albatross butt!

To Eat Or Not To Eat!

Fish are quite the tasty resource! Work together to build up your supply and cooperate on the best ways to use the fish available. You will need them to power your abilities, but eat too many and your colony will go hungry!

Face Your Frigid Foes!

Antarctica is a perilous place, and each villian you face presents their own unique challenges and changes the way you play. Combat won’t always save you, as you may find yourself trying to survive multiple rounds of killer whale attacks, or rushing to secure resources before a gang of greedy albatross run off with your food supply!

Unite Your Pals And Become Antarctica’s Greatest Heroes!